No Fee Rental

Our Story

Building on over 15 years of residential rental market experience and expertise, our skilled agents use technology and their own neighborhood prowess to go beyond any algorithm. Each listing is verified by one of our agents and is guaranteed free of fees. Two of our fundamental values are transparency and trust, which we believe are both necessary to find the right home. You’ll never have to worry about surprise fees, searching on someone else’s schedule, or dealing with middle-men. Everything is done on your time, within your budget, and in the right neighborhood. Your new home is waiting. Let us help you find it.


15 years in the residential market have taught us some valuable lessons:

  • New Yorkers deserve a rental market free from fees. Broker fees can create distractions and slow the rental process.
  • Not all firms are the same, and where you look matters. Just because a listing claims to be "no-fee" doesn't mean there won't be surprises, Here at there will be no suprises.
  • Renters need an agent they can trust. There are already enough shady brokers clouding up the market. That’s why we only work with exceptional agents who act as experts for every unique need.


Today we work alongside the top agents in New York City. But we didn't get here overnight.

Our philosophy is simple: finding the perfect home is already difficult, and doing it in the city can be a nightmare without any guidance. When paired with the right agent, however, great things can happen.

We got this far by building on the lessons we’ve learned over the past two decades in the residential rental market and expelling the bad behaviors we've witnessed along the way. That's why you'll never see a surprise broker fee, an unverified listing, untrustworthy agents or shady bait-and-switch tactics. Only exceptional agents determined to help you accomplish a seemingly-impossible dream: finding the perfect New York apartment.

How We Work?

Landlords might require you to submit a larger security deposit if you have a lower credit score, so your individual results will vary from location to location.

If you're searching with a lower credit score, it would also be smart to prepare a guarantor in case you don't meet the landlord’s income requirements. (This is a person that you designate to guarantee lease payments, even if they can't be paid for some reason. Similar to a cosigner relationship, this person will be held responsible for making rent payments if you ever fail to do so.)

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